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Thursday, August 30, 2012
August 30, 2012

Clint Eastwood Is the RNC Mystery Speaker!

• Fox News confirms: Click here for details!

• Plus, get more news below!

Tonight on FNC

Bret Gets Political Insight From Marco Rubio

Bret Baier gets must-see party insight from Senator Marco Rubio.

• 'Special Report': Tonight, 6p ET

Live From the RNC

Sean's live from Tampa at the RNC with special political coverage of the event and can't miss interviews with the GOP's heavy hitters.

• 'Hannity': Tonight, 9p ET

What's Mitt Romney's Message to America?

LIVE from the RNC! Senator Marco Rubio takes the stage to support his party. Then, join Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly for a special America's Election Headquarters at 10p ET. Plus, Greta has all the political fallout with special guests Ron Johnson and Bob McDonnell during a special 'On The Record' at 11:30p ET!

• 'Primetime Lineup': Tonight, Starting at 10p ET

Complete Coverage of the RNC

• Paul Ryan Delivers Remarks at the Republican National Convention

• Condoleezza Rice's RNC Speech: 'Where Does America Stand?'

• Mike Huckabee: 'We Can Do Better'

• VIDEO: Paul Ryan's Emotional Tribute to His Mother During RNC Speech

• Susana Martinez Addresses the RNC: 'I'll Be Damned, We're Republicans'

• WATCH: Bush Family Video From the Republican National Convention

• WATCH: Convention Staffer Proposes to Girlfriend on RNC Stage!

• ANALYSIS: GOP Heavy Hitters Give Their Take on Paul Ryan's Speech

• Liz Cheney on What It's Like to Be Part of the Vice Presidential Family

More of Today's Headlines

• EMOTIONAL REUNION: Watch as a US Air Force Lieutenant Surprises His Kids With an Unexpected Homecoming

• Phil Keating Reports Live From Gulfport, Mississippi on Aftermath of Hurricane Isaac

• BREAKING: Federal Court Rejects Texas Voter ID Law

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